21 Ocak 2011 Cuma

Let's try to write some.

It was a long, long story; to begin. If only I could tell you about it all.

On a cold, snowy saturday night, he slightly turned the lock, before the door and dark hole of his apartment was wide open in front of him. He stamped his feet to the ground to get rid of the snow on his shoes. Later, he stepped inside. He knew where the switch was placed; in the dim light which was coming from the outside, he found it quite easily. He should have been in no hurry, but he could not help acting as if; because something inside was not letting him do the other way. What was that?

It had been two months since he started living in this city with grey buildings and small streets. People were everywhere in this city. Not only at their home, but also in cinemas, dark streets, enormous shopping malls, gay bars, old cafés, antic places... Each and every place in this city had some human-made marks on it. Some good, some bad.

Two months ago, when he heard from his boss that he had to move to this city, the first thought he had in mind was how to get rid of the old stuff in his house. Nothing else. No thought of friends, no thought of other people, no nothing. He felt nothing. He thought that he might sell them in a second hand store, or just give them away to someone who needs.

When he first came to this grey city, "Greyella", the first thing after getting the keys of his apartment was walking in the long street that crossed the one on which he was going to live. He thought that he could live in this city, because although it had some human-made marks, they were far from being annoying. The buildings were generally old, some of their exteriors had been crumbled way long ago. There were trees here and there, stuck between the old buildings, as it they had already admitted where they were.

However, time was doing its work here. It was changing everything. What's more, that was the best part of the city according to his first feelings.

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